Friday, June 12, 2009

Traveling with Your Shih Tzu

Most Shih Tzu love riding in cars. As a matter of fact, if they aren't invited to go along, they feel deserted. But some Shih Tzu don't travel well. They can be prone to motion sickness, or they can become very stressed being in a moving vehicle. Shih Tzu with these kinds of problems can be treated. There are motion sickness medications as well as tranquilizers that your vet can provide for dogs that don't do well traveling. Also Ginger is natural and will help with motion sickness.

But, as I said, most Shih Tzu love to go bye-bye in the car. But their owners must ensure that the dog is safe while he's on a road trip. First thing is that the dog needs a collar and an identification tag that is clearly imprinted with the owner's address and phone number. Even good and obedient dogs can be separated from their masters. "Stuff" happens. And if bad stuff does happen, your Shih Tzu can't give his phone number to the person who finds him. A collar and an identification tag are essential.

Next, don't let your Shih Tzu loose in your vehicle. Dogs, like children, need to be restrained in a moving car. Crating the dog is an option, but doggy seat belts and doggy car seats are also available, and many very good ones are priced reasonably.

When you let your Shih Tzu out of the car, put him on a leash and hold on tight. The sights, sounds, and smells are new, and each one will demand that the dog inspect it. Many dogs get separated from their owners because they are let out of the car to "potty" without a leash.

Don't feed the dog just prior to a road trip, but the dog does need water. And the dog will require more water than he normally does if the weather is warm.

Never, ever, EVER leave your dog in your car with the windows rolled up tight!

Article Written by Debra Garrison DVM. I love her articles

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