Show Wins

Deblyns Shih Tzu took some time off after Cece finished her AKC Championship.  We were waiting for our new show prospects to mature. Deblyns Casino Royale (AKA Ding) and Deblyns Diamond Royale (AKA Bling)

Ding, as a puppy has been my reserve king.  We have had some issues with Ding that we have overcome.

Bling on the other hand is a handfull.  She just has this look at me attitude.  Bling's very first show at 7 mos. took a 3 point major..  Thank you judge Gay Dunlap.

We will keep you posted on these two pups and their show updates.

Deblyn's Diamond Royale


Deblyns Shih Tzu finished Chenille Coco Channel in the fall of 2009. Getting her last major at the Golden Valley Kennel club.

It has been a group effort to finish Cece.  Seems like ring times always conflicted with the German Shepherds show time.

CH Chenille Coco Channel

Thanks to Therese Foreman for finishing my girl and Peggy Souza for making her look so beautiful.  Photo taken with Peggy Souza.