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Shih Tzu Training

I found this on the web. Great information for Shih Tzu training. This is the site Shitzu

Shih Tzu Obedience Training - Get The Facts Straight
Tip!A Shitzu is a small dog with a big heart.
All dogs, no matter the breed have instincts that come from their ancestors who ran wild. Dogs, by nature, are pack animals and within every single pack is a pack leader. It is important that your dog knows you as the pack leader or successful obedience training will never occur. Within the pack, those who are not the leader are submissive and follow the direction of the leader. You must be this leader within your training or the dog will see no reason to follow your command.
For successful Shih Tzu obedience training, you must gain the respect and submissiveness of your dog right away. Having a well-trained Shih Tzu means years and years of love and friendship. Having an untrained and unruly Shih Tzu means that you will have problem after problem with your dog, as they can easily turn destructive and even dangerous to you and others as extreme biting can occur.
Remember! The Shitzu is a social animal. They love to play and be with people, other dogs, and even cats. If you work all day, your Shitzu will be much happier with another pet for companionship.
Getting Shih Tzu obedience training right from the beginning is essential in you having a safe and nondestructive relationship with your dog. Shih Tzu training, while not hard, is something that requires consistent efforts to make sure that it goes quick and sticks with your dog. Your dog must be able to sit, heel, and come to you on command so that they are safe and know that you are their leader. Remember, you are the pack leader and they must be submissive to you.
And although Shih Tzu training can take place at any age, it is preferable that the training be done as early as possible. With that in mind, it is important to know that just like children, the young Shih Tzu has a short attention span and therefore training lessons must be done one at a time and kept short. Instead of having training sessions a half hour long four times a day, have the training sessions ten minutes long and eight times a day. This will make sure that training goes smoothly for the both of you.
It is often said that taking your dog to a Shih Tzu obedience training class is highly advisable as this offers you and your dog extra support, tips, and advice when it comes to training. If you are having a certain issue with your training process, a professional may be able to help point out one simple thing that can turn everything around for you. This also gives your little one a chance to be around other dogs like him or her.
Socializing your dog is important for not only his or her emotional well being, but also for the safety of others. Getting your dog accustomed to other types of breeds of dog and different types of people will help make sure your dog does not fear anyone. This means that they are less likely to bite or run from someone who strikes them as “different”. A well-trained and well-rounded dog makes an excellent addition to any home but it is up to you to make sure that it happens in a timely and friendly manner.
Rebecca Simpson’s intense love and knowledge for this breed makes this a must read article for everyone looking for help concerning Shih Tzu obedience training. Shih Tzu training does not have to be a struggle and is something that can be accomplished with ease as long as proper steps are taken. This article explains why proper Shih Tzu Obedience training is so important. Shih Tzu obedience training is not only needed for the safety of your dog, but also to get a deep bond with your dog. Dog training books can only teach you so much and that is why there are many benefits to training classes.

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