Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Deblyn's New Adventure

My Shih Tzu adventure came about in the year 2006 (tax time). We went to our acountant and she had the cutest puppy named Maddy. If was love for the breed at 1st sight. Now mind you IM a shepherd person. I was never one for a cute little lap dog! Until then!!!! I plotted and planned for my new little addition. I searched the web. I finail found a breeder in Kerman. So before I left I invited a good friend of mine,Peggy to come with me just so I could have some company. I could not drive fast enough. It took forever to get there. When we arrived I almost ran to the door. As we went inside they brought out this cute little Red and Black female. that was it. I didn't care how much she cost. SHE WAS MINE AND HER NAME WAS IZZY!!!!

While IM playing and cooing with Izzy. I looked over and saw that Peggy caught the ST Bug!!! She had this little party color male in her arms. HIS NAME IS SWIFFER.

So our adventure begins.

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