Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Arrival of Reggi

Reggi arrived in the early part of October 2007, He came from Twa-Nas Pe Kae shih Tzu I just purchased my 1st show Puppy. Now What!!! First off, the hair. I want to show this boy but I really need to get over the hair, so I contacted a lady by the name of Paula from Fresno. What a wonderful person she is, she offered to help me. I will keep you posted on the hair thing. So much to learn.
When Reggi arrived it was around 8:30. Poor baby was in the crate for over 9 hours. (Again Peggy went with me what a sport, pay back is hell). I put Reggi's new collar on. He look so cute in red. I told Peggy it was to BIG!! Guess what it was! He slipped out of it in the parking lot. See the picture above. Can you see that white dot? That is Reggi running for his life. Above that picture is me HAHAHA. Reggi was caught and he is now a well adjusted little boy. Izzy loves him.

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