Thursday, July 2, 2009

Puppy Mills

If you're determined to have a pure-breed dog, please don't buy him at your local pet shop.

Regardless of what they say, pet shops do sell puppy mill puppies, and you really don't want to line the pockets of those who mass-produce puppies without regard for their health and well-being.The Humane Society has been trying for years to shut down puppy mills.

Puppy mills are horrible places where female dogs are bred every time they come in heat. Puppy mills are nasty places, and the puppies that come out of the puppy mills are low-quality dogs that will most likely develop serious health problems.You might be tempted to "rescue" a puppy mill puppy. Don't do it. You're buying trouble for yourself, and you're adding to the profits of greedy puppy mill owners.

If you buy a puppy mill puppy for any reason, it just makes room for another puppy mill puppy. Don't be fooled. The public face that's put on pet shops that sell puppy mill puppies is all sweetness and light. Behind the scenes, though, there's certainly no sweetness or light. Puppy mill dogs live in small cages in horribly unsanitary conditions all of their lives, with no human contact.

When they're too old to breed, they're killed. Don't support that! Dogs deserve better! And the people behind those slick online ads aren't any better. Don't be fooled!If you want a purebred puppy, seek out a responsible breeder. Visit the site where the puppies are bred. Be sure that the conditions are sanitary and the dogs used for breeding are healthy. Look at the mother dog and the stud and determine their general health before you even consider the puppy. Traits are passed on.

Avoid puppy mill puppies for your sake, and for the sake of dogs everywhere.

Here is a video clip of a puppy mill

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